We’re pleased to feature fellow members of the World Fringe Alliance as a part of the blog. We’ll discuss more about how, when, where, and why they take place so that we can take note as we build the FringeNYC of the future. Have you visited or participated in this festival? Please comment below!

Fringe World Festival – Perth, Australia
Fringe is a special time of year in Perth. After the summer holidays have ended, FRINGE WORLD keeps the good summer vibes going for 31 days of Perthect entertainment. The 2017 FRINGE WORLD Festival is happening from 20 January to 19 February 2017, in Perth, Western Australia during the city’s buzzing summer festival period.

A tidbit about this festival: They actually OWN their spiegeltent (The Pearl) which is in the central hub of the festival. This purchase was made possible by their biggest sponsor, Lotterywest (the lottery of Western Australia) in 2011 when the Perth Fringe was reborn.


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  1. I worked at Fringe World last year, and it was a really incredible experience. There’s a lot that can be said about the festival, but here’s a quickie summation: in some ways it was really different from the fringes I had worked at before here in the States, and the sheer size mixed with the length it had been running for was impressive. There were a lot of pop up, fringe run venues; a lot of spiegeltents as well as flat packed buildings. (And a LOT of BYOVs.) There was tons of programming on any given night and just when the FOH team (of which I was a part of) would get into the groove of their venue another group of shows would load in and start, marking the end of the first group’s run. I’m not totally sure how Fringe World is able to operate the way it does, but it was definitely interesting to see, and I’m glad I was a part of it. (And I hope I get to go back again in the future!)


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