As fellow USAFF (US Association of Fringe Festival) member festivals happen in 2017, we’re going to take a look at what their ticket prices are – and how they compare to ticket prices for FringeNYC over the years. We’ll update this post throughout the year.

Keep in mind that if ticket prices vary, we’ll use the median full-priced general admission price for this chart. Also keep in mind that some festivals (particularly the CAFF model festivals) sometimes require a patron to purchase a ticket AND a button or wristband. We’re not taking this into account at all. It’s difficult to nail down what the “apples to apples” of a button / wristband would be (because you only need to purchase ONE button or wristband for your entire festival-going experience; one button or wristband admits you to all of the shows for which you’ve purchased a ticket). This chart also has nothing to do with how / whether ticket income is split with the artist vs what the participation fee is for the festival vs what festival provides as far as the venue, staff, services, etc. Those things will be covered in other posts. This is purely a comparison of ticket prices of fellow fringe festivals, and what the equivalent ticket price would be in New York City (based on the cost of living comparison here.)


USAFF Festival City and State Ticket Price NYC Equivalent
Asheville Fringe Arts Festival  Asheville, NC  $13  $29.58
Maui Fringe Festival  Maui, HI  $10  $12.20
Tucson Fringe Festival  Tucson, AZ  $10 (+ $3 button)  $24.00
O’ahu Fringe  O’ahu, HI  $10  $12.20
FRIGID New York  New York, NY  $18  $18.00
Rogue Festival  Fresno, CA  $10 (+ $3 wristband)  $21.08
Pittsburgh Fringe Festival  Pittsburgh, PA  $15  $34.20
Shenandoah Fringe  Staunton, VA  $10 (+ $5 button)  $23.97


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