There are several ways that festivals (both fringe festivals and other NYC festivals) determine the line-up of artists / shows for their festival. Over the next weeks we’ll be exploring some of these methods as a part of the blank canvas project.

First up is what we’ll call the Open Access method, which is what the original fringe festival – Edinburgh Festival Fringe, in Scotland – uses. In fact, it is for this reason that the Open Access method is sometimes called the Edinburgh model. Here in the United States we sometimes refer to this model as BYOV (Bring Your Own Venue).

But whatever you call it, the Open Access model means that any artist can be a part of the festival – they merely need to register (and generally pay a registration fee) and then find and hire / rent a venue in which to do their show. This method obviously has many advantages and disadvantages – and can lead to enormous and wonderful festivals. How would this work in NYC? Keep reading – and join us at a convening to discuss this topic – or CLICK HERE for all posts tagged Open Access




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