As we look into various federal, state, and city employment regulations and how they might impact which model of fringe festival we all decide is best for FringeNYC’s future, it is worth noting that a BYOV / Open Access festival can’t possibly be held responsible for what a venue and/or independent producer pays their team members.

So this article is a bit misleading. . .

Edinburgh Fringe Society can only model best practices as an employer (and they do. . . and have done). The same is true for accessibility and safety issues (though the city and government are often involved in those issues). The producers of a BYOV/Open Access festival don’t rent (hire) the venues and therefore cannot be responsible for their condition. Again – they can only suggest best practices and lend assistance.

What are your thoughts about all of this? Please comment below! Or are you a FringeNYC alumnus who has also participated in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe? If so, we’d love to see you at the June 28th Convening!


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