October! As you may have heard as a part of our FringeNYC 20/20 Announcement, starting in 2018, FringeNYC will take place annually in October!

As those of you who’ve been keeping up with this blog know, we’ve had a lot of discussions about WHEN. Suffice to say, every possible month on the calendar has some challenges. But here is our list of bottom line Pros and Cons that led to this decision:

There are no other NYC multi-arts festivals in NYC in October
There are no other US Association of Fringe Festivals festivals in October
There are no other World Fringe Alliance festivals in the majority of October (Cape Town Fringe ends in early October)
So World Fringe Alliance festival leaders could attend FringeNYC, as could their artists
We think this date shift will help cement us as the National Fringe Festival beginning in 2019
College students will be back in the city for college
October is not when the US Association of Fringe Festivals usually meets
IT’S NOT AS HOT as the summer (Air conditioning challenges utilize too much of our resources)
With students in school, we could partner with a university (or two) for internships, etc.
We could potentially share resources / collaborate with other summer festivals
Being in October makes FringeNYC like “Indie Theatre” Week (or 3 weeks) (following on the heels of Broadway Week and Off-Broadway Week)
The majority of our regular national and international audience members / groups are retirees or student groups – who are available to visit whenever (some even more likely to come without competing summer festival dates)
It helps us focus attention on local indie venues and producers during their season, featuring their work
It could radically change our FringeJR & FringeHIGH programs as we are able to coord. w/schools, etc.

CONS (or what we prefer to call “challenges”)
It IS the middle of regular season programming, so our venue partners will need incentives (we have some ideas)
College students will be back in the city for college – this is both a pro and a con – will NEED to partner with a university for interns
October is when Hurricane Sandy happened (August is when Irene and the Earthquake happened, though, so. . . )
Jewish Holidays fall during October, which will make attendance on some nights difficult for some (the same is true for Sabbath performances throughout the year, though).

So – on to meeting these challenges and finding a WHERE to go with our WHEN!

What do you think? Are there other pros and cons we may have overlooked?

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