Okay, but WHERE? As you may have heard as a part of our FringeNYC 20/20 Announcement, starting in 2018, FringeNYC will include a smaller adjudicated festival – which will take place all in one block, area, or multi-venue complex for multiple years. There are many reasons for this, and we’ll definitely need some help to make it happen.


Some of the reasons we’ve made this our goal include:
An audience that knows where to find us (annually) will more likely (and easily) return
A smaller festival footprint will allow us to also consolidate staff / reduce actual hours per staff member
This will allow more experienced / mature staff to be able to continue to work with us and we’ll retain more institutional knowledge
Our Tech Director once reported they spent more time walking from venue to venue (when on call) than actually doing the job
Over time, we get to know the quirks of each area / neighbor / etc. and can build on this knowledge
We spend way too much of our staff time & very limited resources finding / negotiating contracts with venues
A long term relationship will make it more than a “rental” – we’re looking at more of a full partnership
We would get to know each building’s idiosyncrasies – and make them a “feature not a bug”
When we purchase specific equipment needed for each space, design specific soft goods, marley, etc. we could use it in the same location the following years (or even better: leave it at the venue to be used throughout the year)
We could invest / help fundraise for accessibility and other issues to be dealt with
Knowing where we’ll be years in advance would provide the required lead time for securing sponsors for extras like street closures, a gathering location / FringeLOUNGE, etc.
Photography of prior year’s events, etc. would be helpful in securing sponsors (as opposed to now, when we “start over” each year)
We would have accurate drawings / capacities / more likely to have accurate rep plots
Finding available, ground floor real estate for FringeCENTRAL / FringeLOUNGE has become impossible (Hoisted on our own petard – we feel like we INVENTED pop-up retail. . . )
We could utilize what we know about our spaces as a part of adjudication process
We could program our desired FringeAL FRESCO / Spectacle / Visual Art knowing where we’d be
In NYC, Street Closure permit applications are due the YEAR PRIOR, but you really want to request a street closure where your venues will be
We’d like to build longer term relationships with politicians, owners, and community boards – like when we were born, on the LES

There are many more reasons this makes sense for a festival. And we think there are plenty of reasons a group of venues or multiple venue complex would want to partner with us on this. We’ll discuss some of those in the next post.

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