From January 19th, 2017 – The Ghostlight Project – this is what we stood with our community and said:

“We pledge to continue to provide a home for our disenfranchised friends – be they LGBTQ, immigrant, people of color, differently abled, women or just hungry for community, like the rest of us. We recognize that in order to truly be a place where ALL are welcome, and in order to try to understand WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED, we’re gonna have to open our hearts and minds. . .even to those with whom we strongly and passionately disagree. We MUST try to listen and find empathy. It will be hard. But we, of all people, know that hate is so often born of fear and pain – and we, of all people, know these things, too. We know fear. We know pain. And so we pledge to use our collective strength – our empathy and compassion and the power of our art – to reach for understanding. . . so that ALL are welcome.”


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