Each October, we go into the barn and pull out the boxes of box office envelopes from the festival that was seven years ago and throw away the tickets. You see, per our document retention policy and our agreement with our artists – we’re required to keep the ticket stubs and “deadwood” (unused tickets) for that length of time. It’s always a bit bittersweet for me. But it brings back some wonderful memories every time.


So this year, I went through about twenty boxes from 2010. What an amazing year! I have very specific memories for each of these shows, and more importantly, for all of these artists. And only three more years now – as FringeNYC ticketing went completely paperless in 2014, so there’s no more stubs or deadwood. I guess environmentally, that’s a good thing. Still – it’s kinda cool to get to put these in the scrapbook.

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  1. It is cool. Paperless recording is the future, and it offers benefits. But we always lose something with improvements. “Progress” is a trade off. Remember card catalogs?


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