Current members of the FringeNYC Alumni Association earned points for various in-kind contributions toward helping make FringeNYC happen! Here’s an example of how to spend those points you’re earning throughout the year:

The Indie Convening!
The FringeNYC Alumni Association will present The Indie Convening, exciting Panels, Workshops, and Classes about important Indie Theatre topics – running right alongside FringeNYC at the home venue. Current members of the FringeNYC Alumni Association can attend an Indie Convening event for only 250 points! (Regular price is $22 + Convenience Charge). There are many ways to easily earn 250 points (or more) between now and the festival in October. But first you gotta. . . .

JOIN THE FringeNYC ALUMNI ASSOCIATION! Were you involved in the first twenty years of The New York International Fringe Festival? Join the FringeNYC Alumni Association here and earn points by helping making FringeNYC happen!




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