In the first quarter of the year, current members of the FringeNYC Alumni Association earned points for various in-kind contributions toward helping make FringeNYC happen! Some sample points-earning opportunities that were established as available during the FringeNYC application & adjudication process included:

Referring an applicant to FringeNYC – 50 points
Sharing our call for applications on your personal facebook / twitter / etc. – 50 points
Share call for applications on your facebook / twitter / etc. WITH personal story / anecdote – 100 points
Call a Year-End Donor to thank them / Create & Mail a Handwritten thank you note – 250 points
Represent us at the ART/NY Intern Fair – 100 points per hour

And, of course, serving as a FringeNYC adjudicator and reviewing up to 30 applications and presenting your findings to a panel (such as the one pictured in this archival photo from – 2004?) IS WORTH A WHOPPING 500 POINTS! So our Alumni Association member adjudicators are already half way toward earning 2019 eblast inclusion for their show, product, or service – the ONLY way to get in front of our beloved and loyal audience.

Additionally – points are transferable! So you can give your points to a company you work for, or even combine with another FringeNYC alumna with whom you’re working on a show. It’s a good idea to put your FringeNYC Alumni Association membership on your resume, and mention that you have points available as you interview for that Stage Manager position and or audition for a role!

JOIN THE FringeNYC ALUMNI ASSOCIATION! Were you involved in the first twenty years of The New York International Fringe Festival? Join the FringeNYC Alumni Association here and earn points by helping making FringeNYC happen!




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