FringeNYC is NOW HIRING! And our beloved Venue Directors will receive a free membership in the FringeNYC Alumni Association AND earn 1,000 points for serving in this most crucial position for our adjudicated segment’s emerging artists.

Do you know someone who would make a great Venue Director?  Make sure they apply SOON! Learn more here.

And remember: points are transferable! So a Venue Director can give their points to your company or show, when you hire them in 2019. This means that if you hire a former FringeNYC Venue Director, you’ve not only hired the best of the best – but your company or show may be inheriting inclusion on our monthly eblast to the FringeNYC audience (if you ask them very, very nicely for their 1,000 points)!

(Photo of famous Venue Director Earline (c) Dixie Sheridan)

JOIN THE FringeNYC ALUMNI ASSOCIATION! Were you involved in the first twenty years of The New York International Fringe Festival? Join the FringeNYC Alumni Association here and earn points by helping making FringeNYC happen!



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