After celebrating our 20th Annual festival, The Present Theatre Company decided to take a hiatus from producing The New York International Fringe Festival in 2017 in order to embark upon “The Blank Canvas Project” – a year of strategic planning. This yielded our new three year plan – which we call “FringeNYC 20/20”.

In 2018, the festival will include a BYOV (“Bring Your Own Venue”) component in boroughs other than Manhattan, providing an open access opportunity for additional emerging artists to present their work under the auspices of The New York International Fringe Festival. These venues can be run as adjudicated, curated, or first come first served / lottery or in whatever way the venues wish!  

Any FringeNYC alumni show (a show that was presented at a prior FringeNYC festival) or any show that is being produced by a current FringeNYC Alumni Association member that will be presented at an outer borough venue during the month of October is welcome to register to participate in the festival as a



You provide:
JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING – the fully produced show, the venue you’ve rented, etc. This is a ticketing and marketing opportunity only, and that’s why it is only available to FringeNYC alumni (who we know have the producing experience to leverage this opportunity). This is a perfect way to remount a show from a prior season, produce a larger show that requires significant physical production, or a site-specific, experiential, installation, and/or devised piece.

GENERAL LIABILITY INSURANCE – naming The Present Theatre Company, Inc. as an additional insured.

You get:
ALL BOX OFFICE INCOME – ticket income will be paid out to your ONE company or producer.

We provide:
TICKETING – We will do all ticketing for all shows in the festival (be they part of the adjudicated festival in Manhattan (FringeNYC) or a part of a BYOV (FringeBYOV)). Tickets are sold online or via mobile, and you merely need to scan tickets at the door using an app that is available for iPhone or Android devices.

Perhaps stating the obvious, but we’ll be printing the program guide including listings and images for all shows, and display advertising will be available for purchase, as well. Much more detail about marketing inclusion can be found here.

Alumni Association Membership: Year-Round

Show Registration Available: JULY 1ST

Registration Deadline: AUGUST 13TH


Why can only FringeNYC Alumni Association members register as stand alone FringeBYOV?

In creating FringeBYOV (and its three components) we were careful to ensure that we were not creating a situation where artists could potentially be taken advantage of by unscrupulous “promoters” or presenters in less than desirable venues at very-much-less than affordable rates. Therefore, our BYOV options are limited to our Borough Hub Partner in each borough, our Indie venue partners (who operate Indie venues year-round and are responsible to our community) and this, our FringeNYC Alumni BYOV option.  We determined that, having been through the “self-producing 101” that IS FringeNYC participation, our Alumni ACRs, shows, and companies were less vulnerable to sub-standard deals and schemes; and would know what they were doing in creating a “pop-up / festival only” venue for their show.

How can I be a part of FringeBYOV if I'm NOT a FringeNYC Alumni Association member?

If you are not a FringeNYC Alumnus/a, you can still be a part of FringeBYOV by either:

Getting your show booked at a registered Indie Venue in one of the outer boroughs (Brooklyn, The Bronx, Queens, or Staten Island)


Signing up as a show looking for a FringeNYC Alumni Association member hire as your producer / Authorized Company Representative so that they can register your stand-alone FringeBYOV show. You can sign up to make your contact information available to the Association members here:


Please note we cannot in any way guarantee any kind of match. Signing up here is a free service – and all the help we can offer. We do hope you understand.

What is an ACR?

If you have to ask. . . you probably weren’t one! ACR stands for Authorized Company Representative, and each FringeNYC show has one. These folks serve as the “line producer” of a show at FringeNYC, and are therefore familiar with how to produce a show in a festival setting.

Why is the marketing fee for an Alumni BYOV higher than for an Indie Venue (per show)?

The marketing fee is based on the space in the program guide for each show AND the other requirements per show. At an Indie Venue, we will provide ONE ticketing system login, and will write ONE check for all box office income to the venue (who is providing their ONE tax form). Each Alumni BYOV show is independent, and therefore needs its own login, venue location information in the program guide, etc. – hence the slightly higher fee.

Can we use our own box office / ticketing company for our FringeBYOV?

No, all ticketing will be done through our organization and ticketing partner. This is to ensure that together we are building ONE marketing machine (that will be accessible to your venue / organization through marketing share participation) and therefore we need to collect all audience data. We also want to ensure that FringeBYOV shows accept our multi-show passes at their events.

Can we set our own ticket prices as a FringeBYOV?

Yes, you will determine your own performance schedules, ticket prices, etc. You could do a single performance of a higher-priced event, or a longer multi-performance run and use more standard ticket prices. That said, you will be required to accept our multi-show passes (which encourage our audience to be more adventurous with their fringing) at a reimbursement rate yet to be determined (because we have yet to determine what passes will be available and at what prices).

Who schedules our performances?

You! The New York International Fringe Festival is only providing marketing services for our FringeBYOV shows. Once you register, you’ll be provided a login (and training) in order to enter your venue information and performances into our system.

How do I join the FringeNYC Alumni Association?

Click the link below to fill out the registration form and pay your $40 annual membership fee via PayPal.

FringeNYC Alumni Association Registration Form