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BUY ADVANCE TICKETS ONLINE! Find performances by using the Slice-O-Matic or clicking on the alphabetical tabs below. Then click on the desired performance and purchase using your credit card (an (in)convenience charge applies). Your confirmation will be e-mailed immediately, which you can then save directly to your mobile device (the greenest way!) or print out. Be sure to line up at least 15 minutes before the performance at the colorful flag outside the VENUE. Have your mobile or printed ticket ready to be scanned and enjoy the show! NO LATECOMERS ARE ADMITTED AT FringeNYC.
* = Talkback follows performance     + = FringePLUS MeetUp follows performance


The Egg Progect
Darinka Productions
Writer: Mike Amato
Director: Andrea Andresakis
Prodigal son Marty Edgett returns home on the eve of his wedding only to discover that his microbiologist father has a horrifying "gift" for him. Shades of Twilight Zone color this "dire comedy" about personal responsibility and broken family ties.
1h 35m   Local   Manhattan, NY   
Comedy   Drama      
VENUE #1: Teatro SEA at the Clemente
SAT 15 @ 7  WED 19 @ 4:30 +  SUN 23 @ 8  WED 26 @ 7  SUN 30 @ 2:15  

Elaine Stritch Still Here
Writer: Jay Malsky
Director: Zak Sommerfield
Come spend an intimate evening with Elaine as she regales you with songs and stories from her life. This loving homage takes us through the reflective journey of her last tour. Don't miss this performance celebrating Broadway’s Enduring Dame.
0h 50m   Local   Manhattan, NY   
Comedy   Musical/Opera         
VENUE #4: Spectrum
SAT 15 @ 1 +  MON 17 @ 9:15  FRI 21 @ 10:30  MON 24 @ 8  SAT 29 @ 2:45  

Elephants and Other Worldly Dilemmas
Writer: Dina Laura
Director: Peter Zachari
Tornadoes, colonics and faith! A devout receptionist, a superhero scientist, an Apple whore, a devilish bartender and a temp discover that sometimes it takes a dead elephant in the room to show you what you believe in.
1h 50m   Local   Queens, NY   
VENUE #16: The Steve & Marie Sgouros Theatre
SAT 15 @ 4:30  THU 20 @ 8:45  SAT 22 @ NOON +  WED 26 @ 7  SAT 29 @ 7  FringeFAVE - SUN 30 @ 4:15  

ELVIRA - The Immigration Play
Si Se Puede Productions, LLC
Writer: Jessica Carmona
Director: Brian Lee
Inspired by the true story an undocumented Mexican immigrant woman who refused to be deported and separated from her US Citizen son, this play sheds light on the plight of millions of immigrants crossing the border.
1h 30m   Local   Brooklyn, NY   
Drama   FringeHIGH         
VENUE #3: Teatro LATEA at the Clemente
SUN 16 @ 3 +  FRI 21 @ 2:30  SUN 23 @ 7  WED 26 @ 9:15  SAT 29 @ 7*  

Endless Air, Endless Water
The Blue Comet Company
Writer: Robert Shaffron
Director: Michael Damico
In this gay space play, two astronauts struggle with their sexual identities inside a small Apollo style space capsule. Can the relationship between these two heroic figures survive after their workplace fling is accidentally exposed on national television?
1h 30m   Local   Manhattan, NY   
Comedy   Drama         
VENUE #2: Flamboyan Theatre at the Clemente
WED 19 @ 4:45 +  FRI 21 @ 2:15  MON 24 @ 9:15  WED 26 @ 7  FRI 28 @ 9:30  

Writer: Allan Maule
Director: Ashley Gunsteens
Choreographer: Adam Davidson & Julia Adle. Fight: Michael Hagins
An online world of epic fantasy battles helps four gamers escape their bleak realities. But when EverScape offers them a chance to win jobs as game developers, lines get crossed between what's more real: the game or their lives?
2h 0m   Local   Brooklyn, NY   
Drama   Dance   FringeHIGH         
VENUE #5: The Celebration Of Whimsy
TUE 18 @ 4:30 +  SUN 23 @ 2:45*  WED 26 @ 9  FRI 28 @ 9  SAT 29 @ 6:15  

Exact Change
Cleveland Public Theater
Writer: Christine Howey
Director: Scott Plate
What's harder: Changing your sex, or changing your mind? "Exact Change" is a witty and poignant one-woman tour-de-force about Christine Howey's transgender journey. Humorous and inspiring, it's a story about championing your identity and finding your voice.
1h 20m   National   Cleveland, OH   
Solo Show   Drama         
VENUE #16: The Steve & Marie Sgouros Theatre
SUN 16 @ 4:30 +  WED 19 @ 9:15  FRI 21 @ 8:45  SUN 23 @ 9:30  THU 27 @ 2:30  

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