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Our 2015 shows are here! Click on any letter below to find shows by title. And check back on July 17th for performance schedules and ticketing information. 


Fading Light
Martin Tanner Productions
Writer: Herman Johansen
Director: Herman Johansen
Old photos. New cars. Love. Family. Murder. A decades old accident has been shrouded in secrets and lies. When the truth begins to surface, only a desperate act can bury it again. Who dug up the past?
1h 35m   National   Los Angeles, CA   
www.martintanner.com   FadingLightNYC   
VENUE #11: 64E4 MAINSTAGE Untitled Document Share/Bookmark

FAFI-An Afrikaner boy comes of age in Apartheid SA
JHB-Jozi Home Boys
Writer: Gys and Jaci de Villiers
Director: Jaci de Villiers
'Mama Elsie -I dreamed of the sea-so we bet 26 on Fafi?' Gys is plagued by the mark on the wall, which catapults him into memories of his past. The African landscape of heat, war, rituals, nightmares and forgiveness.
0h 0m   International   Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA   
Drama   Solo Show   FringeHIGH   
www.jozihomeboys.com   FAFI_fringeNYC   
VENUE #5: The Celebration Of Whimsy Untitled Document Share/Bookmark

Fail Better; Beckett Moves UMO
The UMO Ensemble
Writer: Featuring Text by Samuel Beckett, created by the UMO Ensemble, sound scape by James Bigbee Garver
Director: Elizabeth Klob
An elegant postcard from the edge of reality. An intimate combination of theatre and circus. With a teeter-totter. And ropes. "UMO's remarkable tribute to Beckett's genius is a mesmerizing production...a visual delight and an intellectual teaser."...The Seattle Times.
1h 0m   National   Seattle , WA   
Performance Art   Vaudeville/Sideshow/Magic/Burlesque   
www.umo.org   UMOEnsemble   
VENUE #7: The Theater at the 14th Street Y Untitled Document Share/Bookmark

Far From Canterbury
Dana M. Lerner in Association with Far From Canterbury, LLC
Writer: Book, Music and Lyrics by Danny K Bernstein
Director: Juliana Kleist-Méndez
Choreographer: Avery Sobczak
Once upon a time, in a land where fairy tales are considered current events, a shy young knight has just one year to find the one thing women desire most, or his fairy tale will be over before it begins!
2h 15m   Local   Manhattan, NY   
Musical/Opera   Comedy   
farfromcanterbury.com   FFCMusical   
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Father Kennedy
Writer: Brian Kraker
Director: Alex Katz
Join a small town priest who embarks on an epic journey to sabotage his sister's engagement. Before long he is ensnared in a web of lies and lingerie. Can this rogue priest stop himself from destroying his church and family?
1h 45m   Local   Pompton Lakes, NJ   
Comedy   Drama   
www.fatherkennedyplay.com   FatherKennedy   
VENUE #15: Robert Moss Theater at 440 Studios Untitled Document Share/Bookmark

Fathers & Sons
Drift In, Act Out
Writer: Zack Friedman
Director: Stephen Cedars
Al Marshall considers himself well-adjusted. But when Al must look after his aging father and teenage son, he begins to lose his grip on reality. How do you move forward while you'r being pulled into the past?
1h 30m   Local   Manhattan, NY   
Drama   Comedy   
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Feelings: because why pretend the show is about anything else?
Writer: Tim Manley
Things ended with the girl I hoped to marry, so I decided to fall for my male best friend. My search for a safe place to rest my too-many emotions, told with hand-drawn gifs to pretend it's less sad.
0h 0m   Local   Queens, NY   
Comedy   Solo Show   
www.timmanleyhasalotoffeelings.com   timtimmanley   
VENUE #4: Spectrum Untitled Document Share/Bookmark

For Now
The Disposable Theatre Company
Writer: Jeremy Stuart
Director: Jeremy Stuart
They meet for sex, and talk about love, neither knowing what it is, or how to get it, or why it seems so important, but only that they can't stop talking.
1h 0m   Local   Bronx, NY   
Drama   Comedy   
VENUE #12: 64E4 UNDERGROUND Untitled Document Share/Bookmark

FringeAL FRESCO - Above Us
Tandem Bicycle Productions
Writer: Sarah Doody, Alanna Blair, & Jessica Park
Director: Sarah Doody
Over two beers, a rooftop, and a sublease, two women think about their place in NYC. As the elder woman contemplates leaving, the younger woman contemplates arriving. They both are scared. It is both set and takes place on a rooftop.
0h 0m   Local   Manhattan, NY   
Drama   Comedy   
www.tandembicycleproductions.com   ABOVEUSNYC   
VENUE: FREE FringeAL FRESCO Untitled Document Share/Bookmark

FringeAL FRESCO - Ferry Play
This Is Not A Theatre Company
Writer: Jessie Bear
Director: Erin B Mee
A site-specific, sensory audio experience on the Staten Island Ferry: every sight, smell and sound plays a supporting role. Ferry Play is a self-scheduled performance. Download the app now! http://www.thisisnotatheatrecompany.com/#!ferry-play/c1jtw
0h 0m   Local   Manhattan, NY   
Drama   Multi-Media   
www.thisisnotatheatrecompany.com/#!ferry-play/c1jtw   NotATheatreCo   
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FringeAL FRESCO - The Merchant of Venice (or how not to live in a multi-cultural world)
Hip to Hip Theatre Company
Writer: William Shakespeare, adapted by Jason Marr and Adriana Alter
Director: David Mold
Shakespeare's darkest comedy questions the nature of justice. Four disparate characters--a young reveller, his devoted friend, a sheltered heiress, and an embittered moneylender--all struggle to navigate a society poisoned by bigotry and founded on a fractured legal system.
1h 30m   Local   Queens, NY   
Comedy   Drama   
www.hiptohip.org   hiptohiptheatre   
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FringeAL FRESCO - What's Your Wish?
Thicket & Thistle
Writer: Thicket & Thistle, Lyrics by Kyle Acheson, Sam De Roest & Corley Pillsbury, Music by Thicket & Thistle
Director: Jonathan Eric Foster
This comedic folk musical follows two young friends' quest to escape the fantastical storybook world of Death Forest. Pursued by a power-hungry enchantress, the boys must learn about integrity, sacrifice, and the power of friendship to make it out alive.
0h 0m   Local   Queens, NY   
Musical/Opera   Comedy   
www.thicketnthistle.com   thicketnthistle   
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Ducdame Ensemble
Writer: Lope de Vega
Director: William Oldroyd
Abuse of power. Oppression of women. Rebellion. Sacrifice. Love. What does it take to start a revolution? It takes a village. Witness the uprising of 15th Century Spain's 99%. Based on historical events and presented by graduates of LAMDA. #iamfuenteovejuna
1h 0m   Local   Manhattan, NY   
www.ducdameensemble.com   DucdameEnsemble   
VENUE #7: The Theater at the 14th Street Y Untitled Document Share/Bookmark

Funnel Cake Flowers & The Urban Chameleons
Writer: HaJ
Director: Ayoka Chenzira
Choreographer: Victor Rojas
For code-switchers who watch CNN and Boondocks, listen to Yo Yo Ma and Jay Z, eat fried chicken and sushi, shop at Target and Gucci...because it's complicated out here in these streets.
1h 30m   Local   Brooklyn, NY   
Comedy   Multi-Media   
www.tickles.tv/funnelcakeflowers   UrbanChameleons   
VENUE #2: Flamboyan Theatre at the Clemente Untitled Document Share/Bookmark

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