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These are our 2013 show listings, left here for your reference. Please check back in July 2014 for the new show listings.


A Fallopian Fairy Tale
YBW Productions
Writer: Marisa Marquez
Director: Kira Onodera
Maligaya is on a mission "to take the pink out of Princess and put it back in the pussy." With her pitch for a Disney meets "Girls" children's book at stake, stories from her life expose a less charming reality.
1h 0m   Local   Manhattan, NY   
FringeHIGH   Solo Show   
Discover: SEX Our bodies Our selves   
www.ybwproductions.com/a-fallopian-fairy-tale.html   marisammarquez/   
VENUE #3: CSV Kabayitos       Untitled Document Share/Bookmark       
SAT 10 @ 12:30  SAT 17 @ 6:00  WED 21 @ 5:30*  THU 22 @ 8:45  FRI 23 @ 9:30  SAT 24 @ 8:00  

The Famous Play
Anthony Natoli
Writer: Anthony Natoli
Director: Anthony Natoli
An experiment in self-promotion by self-immolation, THE FAMOUS PLAY is a queasily circular fun-house of sado-masochism and dick jokes from Anthony Natoli’s sick merry-go-round of a mind. In the words of Young Jean Lee, “It’s excruciating to watch.”
0h 55m   Local   New York, NY   
Comedy   Drama   
Discover: Mind-bending Meta   
www.anthonyenatoli.com   Anthonyenatoli   
VENUE #10: The Kraine Theater       Untitled Document Share/Bookmark       
MON 19 @ 5:00  WED 21 @ 7:00  THU 22 @ 5:00  FRI 23 @ 8:15  SAT 24 @ 1:30  

Fire Up Productions
Writer: Sarah Michelle Brown
Director: Rosanna Saracino
Set within a woman’s heart and mind, this journey through heartache and healing is told by the boisterous, unapologetic stages of loss. “It’s not just the alternative to the Sex and the City movie; it’s the real thing.” - Montreal Gazette
1h 30m   International   Toronto, Canada   
Drama   Drama   
Discover: SEX Our bodies Our selves   
www.firsthandwoman.com   FirstHandWoman   
VENUE #8: The Theater at the 14th Street Y       Untitled Document Share/Bookmark       
FRI 16 @ 5:30  SAT 17 @ 8:15  SUN 18 @ 9:15  THU 22 @ 3:30  FRI 23 @ 3:45  

For a Good Time, Call Kathy Blanchard
Outside Inside
Writer: Michael Ross Albert
Director: Kaitlyn Samuel
Lawrence is breaking down. His family won’t leave the house until someone wins the Stanley Cup. Everyone’s prepared for a devastating loss. But, Lawrence has a plan… A comedy about hockey, heartbreak and the places we used to call home.
1h 10m   Local   New York, NY   
Comedy   Drama   
Discover: Reality-The Modern Family    
www.michaelrossalbert.com   OutsideInsideCo   
VENUE #10: The Kraine Theater       Untitled Document Share/Bookmark       
SAT 10 @ 12:30  SUN 11 @ 10:15  MON 12 @ 5:00  THU 15 @ 7:00  SAT 24 @ 4:00  

Free Desiree
Ten Auras Productions
Writer: Amontaine Aurore
Director: Tikka Sears
Join Desiree and Shauna, two rebel sisters growing up in the '70s as they take on Black pride, the Funky Chicken, Blaxploitation films, and a crisis at the high school. A slammin' 1970s Seattle funk soundtrack accompanies their exploits.
1h 15m   National   Seattle, WA   
Solo Show   FringeHIGH   
Discover: Reality-The Modern Family    
www.tenauras.com   Amontaine   
VENUE #9: JIMMY'S NO. 43       Untitled Document Share/Bookmark       
SAT 10 @ NOON  MON 12 @ 5:30*  THU 15 @ 7:45  SUN 18 @ 9:15  THU 22 @ 3:00  SAT 24 @ 7:15  

Freefall Frostbite
Parallel Universe Theater Resources
Writer: Michael Fixel, with music by Marc Irwin and Michael Fixel
Director: Juliet Fixel, Musical Direction by Marc Irwin
Choreographer: Juliet Fixel
We're all waiting on line at the entry to an exclusive club on a frigid New Year's Eve. The Doormen stand guard with the list. Tonight all of our illusions will be deconstructed and we'll be left with- everything.
2h 0m   National   St. Johns, FL   
Drama   Musical   
Discover: Enlightment-Heaven & Hell   
www.paralleluniversetheaterresources.com   freefallfrost   
VENUE #12: The Ellen Stewart Theatre - La MaMa       Untitled Document Share/Bookmark       
FRI 9 @ 7:30  SAT 10 @ 2:00  SUN 11 @ 9:45  MON 12 @ 2:00  

A Future Imperfect
Writer: William S. E. Coleman
Director: Allison Moody
The law cannot protect you – if indeed you are even you! As an oppressive government regulates human contact, humanity’s future deteriorates into turbulent uncertainty. This suite of four satirical and foreboding accounts asks, “Can humanity save itself from itself?”
1h 20m   Local   New York, NY   
Drama   Comedy   
Discover: Imagination   
www.afutureimperfect.com   afutimperfect   
VENUE #5: The Celebration Of Whimsy       Untitled Document Share/Bookmark       
SAT 10 @ 7:00  TUE 13 @ 7:30  FRI 16 @ 4:30  SAT 17 @ 5:30  WED 21 @ 2:00  

Fxxx Me!
Ulrika Ellemark Production
Writer: Ulrika Ellemark
Director: Ulrika Ellemark
"I'm not like other girls, guys normally like me for that...that I'm just me". A solo show from Sweden. One woman, many topics. She talks about everything, nothing is taboo...
0h 45m   International   Stockholm, Sweden   
Comedy   Improv/Sketch/Stand-up   
Discover: SEX Our bodies Our selves   
www.ulrikaellemark.se   ulrikaellemark   
VENUE #3: CSV Kabayitos       Untitled Document Share/Bookmark       
SUN 11 @ 9:15  THU 15 @ 3:00  SAT 17 @ 1:45  SUN 18 @ 8:45  WED 21 @ 8:00  THU 22 @ 10:30  

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