FringeJR…it’s FringeNYC for the whole family! STARTING Oct. 5th!

These productions are specifically recommended for families and groups with children ages five (5) to twelve (12). $16 FringeJR tickets are available to the youngsters for all FringeJR shows and may be purchased online by clicking on a performance below (credit card only). FringeJR tickets will be scanned at the door, and are only valid for use by patrons 12 years old or younger.


The Odyssey
Classical Remix Theatre Collective
Writer: Hannah Reuter
Director: Ensemble Collaboration

An acting troupe is traveling to Athens to perform THE ODYSSEY. They get lost and find a perfect audience to rehearse for… YOU! Will they outsmart the Cyclops, Sirens and Poseidon to get Odysseus home safely? Join us and see!

35m   Local   FringeJR   Comedy

FringeNYC – HB Studio 124 Bank Street Theater


Sammy and “Le Grand Buffet”
Piti Theatre Company
Writer: Jonathan Samuel Mirin, Music by Carrie Ferguson and Jonathan Samuel Mirin
Director & Choreographer: Godeliève Richard

An American (waiter) in Paris, Sammy must prepare Le Buffet or be fired! But the Bad French, Federer, Minnesota Fats, high-wire walkers, Gene Kelly, magic and music in his clown heart get in the way. Join the fun with Sammy!

50m   National   FringeJR   Clown/Mask

FringeNYC Flag – White


Super! The Musical
Maryland Ensemble Theatre
Writer: Sarah Shulman, Music by Callan Holderbaum and Caitlyn Joy
Director & Choreographer: Julie Herber

When the superheroes of Supetopia vanish, Captain Obvious assembles a new team and what they lack in skills, they make up for in ENTHUSIASM! But can they defeat the evil Dexterity? Come cheer as these flawed heroes triumph.

1h   National   FringeJR   Musical / Opera

FringeNYC – HB Studio 124 Bank Street Theater