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2013 Festival Staff


Elena K. Holy


Producing Artistic Director 
Shelley Burch President, Board of Directors
Britt Lafield Festival Administrator
Jennifer Linn Wilcox Festival Production Equipment/Personnel
Mitchell Ost Festival Technical Director
Christian De Gre Festival Operations Manager




Lauren Arneson Ticketing Manager
Becca Bandiere Participants Liaison / FringeU Coordinator
Kate Barron Fabulous FringeTERN
Kevin Bartlett FringeCENTRAL Dude
Stephen Billy Fabulous FringeTERN
Avi Bonime Map / Grid Insert Editor
Andy Cohen FringeCLUB Podcasting Coordinator
Benjamin Cohen Director, Social Media and Community
Martha Corprew Ticketing Manager
Meggan Dodd FringeHIGH Director
Eva de Zeeuw Fabulous FringeTERN
Carole Dupuy Fabulous FringeTERN
Scott M. Dwyer Comptroller
Chineze Enekwechi FringeCENTRAL Manager
Lauren Fiorelli FringeCLUB Venue Director
Irving Fisher FringeCENTRAL Staff
Gabriel Fuentes Fabulous FringeTERN
Jeff Gato FringeCENTRAL Staff
Allison Gilman FringeCENTRAL Staff
Sophie Greenspan Fabulous FringeTERN
Cathryn Grochowski Box Office Supervisor
Shannon K. Hall Video Segment Producer
William Herrlich FringeCENTRAL Staff
Bianca Hooi Fabulous FringeTERN
Bill Hopper FringeCENTRAL Manager
Greg Howell Program Guide Editor
Frances Howorth Fabulous FringeTERN
Carol Huston FringeCENTRAL Manager
Deanna Ibrahim Fabulous FringeTERN
Gus Jacobson FringeJR Director
Allison Kalman FringeCENTRAL Manager
Avner Kam International Ambassador
Meagan Killea Fabulous FringeTERN
Russ Kuhner Photography Coordinator
Charlie La Greca Variety Power Hour Host
Jeff La Greca Variety Power Hour Host
Jenna Langbaum Fabulous FringeTERN
Garret Lambert Director, FringeCENTRAL
Paige Maier Fabulous FringeTERN
Scott Mancha Uncle Scott
Vincent Marano FringeHIGH Assistant Dir.
Jill Miersch Community Liaison
Ronald Moore Ticketing Manager
Franklin Mount Manager This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Sally Poulton FringeCENTRAL Staff
George Rand Staff Photographer
Lauren Ritter Fabulous FringeTERN
Stephanie D. Rogers Ticketing Supervisor
Ron Rogers Ticketing Manager
Taty Sena Volunteer Administrator, Webmaster, IT
Jaki Silver FringeAL FRESCO Director
Phil Smith FringeCENTRAL Staff
Richard Stack FringeCENTRAL Manager
Brianne Stewart Asst. P.E.P. Director
Aidan Swanson Fabulous FringeTERN
Lea Torelli Fabulous FringeTERN
Emma Leigh Waldron FringeHIGH Asst.
Steffi Wallis Visa Administrator
Marc Williams Director, Audience Services
Jeff Witzel Access Guru
Jennifer J. Womack Legal and Business Affairs

FringeNYC Photographer Dixie Sheridan
Public Relations / Marketing Spin Cycle (Ron Lasko)
Graphic Design Emphas!s Design, Inc.
2008 Illustrator (Tadaaaa) JAO
Database Consultant Tanya Ochs
Salesforce Guru Hanif Peters-Davis




Kristine Ayers, Katie Chai, Sarah Chichester, Victoria Collado, Olivia Edery, Kimberly Garner, Serrana Gay,
Kristin Goehring, Kimille Howard, Katie Kavett, Jessica Kazamel, Phoebe Kuhlman, Katie Meade,
Andrei Nikolai Pamintuan, Alexandra Scordato, Earline Stephen, Nzinga Williams, Vita Yang 


Johnathan Aviles, Shalana Chandler, Shiera Chandler, Kristal Deonarine, Kaylyn Dowd, Carnel Graham, Bob Landau, Christine Martinez, Tony Marzani, Catherine Nelson, Amelia Parenteau,
 Jamelah Rimawi, Shay Samuels, Kendall Simpson, Ronni Valentine, Michelle Velez, Jack Wernick, Rebekah Wilson


Felita Benton, Nukesha Myrick, Antione Dennis, Juana Washington

 Tom Bishop, Mary Booth, Nik Robalino, Will Wade-Pentel, Cory Wills 

FringeNYC Venue Production Assistants:

 Anna Ames, Betsy Chester, T. Michael Culhane, Simon Curtis-Ginsberg, Tsesiyah Derry, Jamie Ho, Natalie Hratko, Sylvia Jones, Madeline Lylo, Victor LaRoche, Scott Lee, Meropi Papastergiou, Ali Parr, Elkin Silva, Laura Sollazo, Cynthia Staton, Ben Sternhell,
Cindy Williams, David Wu, Vivi Valdez





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FringeNYC? The New York International Fringe Festival (FringeNYC) is the largest multi-arts festival in North America, with more than 200 companies from all over the world performing for 16 days in more than 20 venues. In addition to 1200 incredible performances, FringeNYC includes (click to learn more):


FringeNYC will celebrate its 18th Anniversary August 8th - 24th, 2014.

FringeNYC? Although FringeNYC is a production of The Present Theatre Company, Inc., it takes:
75,000 audience members
5,000 artists
2,000 registered volunteers
1,200 performances
200 shows
20 venues
16 days
15 dollar advance tickets and
2 full-time employees

to make FringeNYC happen.

We do this? Good question! In 1997, our budget was $74,000. Today, it's more than a million dollars. We must seek and secure support from donors in order to "bridge the gap" between rising costs and our desire to keep ticket prices low. Your donation helps us grow to meet the challenges of the future!  Support of FringeNYC has a tremendous impact on indie theatre. We appreciate it!



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