2013 FringeNYTeasers Feature


FringeNYTeaser Fun!
by Jenna Langbaum

On July 26th the doors to FringeCENTRAL swung open, unveiling a very exciting start of FringeNYC festivities to come.  FringeCENTRAL, a revamped karaoke bar located on 2nd Avenue between 1st and 2nd Street, will be the headquarters for all things FringeNYC for the rest of the summer.  Not only will FringeCENTRAL be the hub of purchasing and picking up tickets, there is a station to buy FringeNYC Apparel, and a lovely group of FringeTERNS available for any questions or recommendations and of course, a wall dedicated to hosting postcards and advertisements for each show.  FringeCENTRAL is open to the public seven days a week from 12 pm to 8 pm. 

                July 26th also kicked off the start of the FringeNYTeasers program which will run every Friday and Saturday night 6-7:30 pm through August 17th at FringeCENTRAL.  FringeNYTeasers offer the opportunity for each show to offer a preview of their show to the public.  By performing a scene or two, audience members receive a slice of the performance beforehand which entices the audience members even more.   FringeNYTeasers are emceed by our very own FringeTERNS.  Friday’s emcee was the fabulous FringeTERN Gabe, who introduced Very Bad Words, What’s An Anjan?, and What Every Girl Should Know.   Very Bad Words and What Every Girl Should Know each performed a scene.  Very Bad Words chronicles three bold teens stirring up trouble with their insatiable raw humor and dirty language.  What Every Girl Should Know follows a group of teen girls who create their own cult devoted to Margaret Sanger.  There was something about seeing the actors, hearing the scripts come alive, that made the festival rise out of my imagination and into a living, breathing experience.  It was invigorating to see the way the actors melted into their own space far from the tiny couch and four foot stage at the front of FringeCENTRAL.  What’s an Anjan, decided not to perform a scene since the show features a slew of curse words, unfit for the young children in the audience.  He discussed how is the show was a series of personal observations and reflections on everything from his quirky family in India to his cultural transition into America and everything in between. 

                The following night, the fabulous FringeTERN Bianca emceed for the Universal Self, a one man show that explores the Hip Hop culture throughout the 1980’s-1990’s.  Kilusan Bautista tackles an enormous feat, playing over 15 characters over the span of an hour.  After his brief performance, he explained how he came to create the show and what makes him his “universal self.”  

Be on the lookout for next week’s jam packed Teasers schedule available on the FringeNYC website, http://www.fringenyc.org/index.php/about-us/fringeart.  Because FringeNYTEASERS are supposed to be around 5 minutes long, we asked participants to explain their shows in 5 words or less!!:

Our Kiki: A Gay Farce: charades, drinks, gay, marriage, immigration

Someone To Belong ToA classical musical love story

ALABAMA BOUND: Southern biting wit and heartbreak

The Drifts Live: the novel onstage: Queer. Southern. Gothic. Hilarious. Harrowing

Talk to me about Shame: A safe conversation with strangers.

Two Gentlemen of Verona: A Swashbuckling Comedy! : A Swashbuckling Comedy!: Romance! Swordfighting! Pirates! Shakespeare! Hilarity!

Talking with Angels: Budapest 1943: Uplifting, inspiring, hopeful, unbelievable. True

America's Breath Of Fresh Air: Celebrity. Sex. And a donkey.

This is a Play About Artists:   Ex-lovers (meet + battle + explore) = Art

The Madogs of Diego: A stage of global civic responsibility

Listen...Can You Hear Me Now?: Deaf Parents, Hearing Child, Eye opening. 

The Unfortunates : Jack the Ripper's final victim: Jack the Ripper's final victim

The Hungry Ghost: My life disintegrates, then integrates! 

The Adventures of Boy and Girl: Anti-romantic comedy. Written on Facebook.

Naked In Alaska: Stripping in the Last Frontier

kumrads won't: Unlikely pair. One night. Connection?

Still Life: Two Grapes; One Stage. Glossolalia.

Woman of Leisure and Panic: Humorous portrait of neurotic behavior! 

Two Women, Two Stories: Dying Father, Dying ovaries. F***k!


Marshall's Law: Love. Guilt. Secrets. Humor. Parents

WHY YOU BEASTING?: First Year Teacher - Changing Lives.

PEP TALK: Sports, success, secret, Barcelona, hero.

UNIVERSAL self: Discover the UNiVERSE with US!

SLUT: Joey's 16. She said "no."

Recipe For Success With Chef Michael Denardi: Passionate chef derails own show

Not Another Teen Solo Showa one chick storytelling show



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