2014 International Shows

 Announcing our FringeNYC 2014 International Selections - from around the world!

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...miskien is the story of two best friends in dead end lives. With unsatisfying jobs, and unfulfilling relationships, the thing that gets them through each day is the promise of seeing each other at happy hour. And then one falls in love with the other.


2014 - When We Were Idiots (A comedy walking tour)

Follow your penguin guide around NYC, unchanged since 2014, when it disappeared under a mound of rubbish. Set in 2114, this comedy walking tour features historical gems, special guests and yelling at strangers. Hosted by writer and comedian Xavier Toby.


Fuck You! You Fucking Perv!
CANADA - Montreal 

Fuck you! You Fucking Perv! is a schizophrenic immersion into psychological damage caused by pre-mature sexualization, a sensory bombardment of weird and shocking imagery, a pervasive, invasive sound score, tap dancing and tasteless jokes.


Horn of Sorrow
SOUTH AFRICA - Pretoria 

Horn of Sorrow is a physical story incorporating music, dance, humour and heartache with a relevant theme. This award winning production follows the plight of the rhino against it's endless battle towards extinction, and the forces edging it along.


MEXICO - Mexico City 

Hurt is a tragicomic one-woman show that means to expound the human pain produced by failed relationships, depression, self-consciousness, idealization and xenophobia; within the actual context of an excessively competitive and demanding world.



The fact that magic is not real makes it nonetheless beautiful and all the more fascinating. “Illusive" contains pure, sleight-of-hand artistry, and in doing so, portrays a magician as someone who plays in the gap between reality and imagination.



"Ippen" is a story of a buddhist priest in the Kamakura Era. An original musical telling of the tale, with singing and dancing.


Letter from an Unknown Woman
CHINA - Beijing 

A writer finds a letter from a woman.As a teenager, she had lived in the same building and had fallen in love with the man. At age 18,she succeeded in spending 3 nights with him. In the 1918, their child died and she wrote this letter to him, prior to her death.


murder margaret and me
UK - London 

Agatha Christie, Margaret Rutherford and Miss Marple all feature in this one person show which has sold out at the Edinburgh Fringe, toured the UK and played in London's West End. 'Moving, mirthful, entertaining from start to finish' *****Scotsman


My Monster Friend
ITALY - Rome 

A bilingual musical comedy. The story of a lonely scientist who creates a friend in his laboratory with a brain he ordered online that turns out to be Italian. At first dismayed, the scientist discovers he can communicate with his creation through music.



Joel’s afraid. Snakes, heights, politicians- you'll usually find Joel cowering behind a sofa.
But Joel hates nudity the most. Which is stupid- we all have one.
Join Australia’s hottest rising comedy star as he gets naked, conquers fears and reveals all.


No Visible Scars
CANADA - Toronto 

A beautiful but emotionally troubled young woman becomes disillusioned with life and contemplates suicide. She seeks the help of a witty therapist who inadvertently helps her confront her past and face issues that were deeply buried and long forgotten.


Rhinoceros in love
CHINA - Beijing 

Ma Lu's life was totally changed all of sudden when the sexy and mysterious girl Ming Ming came into his sight. Ma Lu kidnaps Ming Ming in the name of love in a rainy night, as creasy and stubborn as a rhinoceros.


ISRAEL - Tel Aviv 

Samira provides a rare and fascinating insight to the mind of a female terrorist. It is a one-woman multimedia drama centered around an ongoing police interrogation.


Soga Shohaku
JAPAN - Ogikubo 

The show is set in old Japanese city of Kyoto, in the middle of the 18th Century. There is the painter, his name is Soga Shohaku, the strangiest and craziest man. His paintings are also very funny. The show is about his paintings and why he paints.


The 8th Fold
UK - London 

The 8th Fold, a musical about loss, lessons & new beginnings. We join four boys learning the hard way that nothing is infallible & the line between protection & destruction is dangerously thin. Helping each other, they navigate a way to a brave new start.


The interview
IRAN - Tehran 

In two separate episodes, both a man and a woman are interrogated in Algeria 1962 after the independence war.


The Princess Pyunggang

The story of “Princess Pyunggang ” is an Korean ancient tale that tells the love between a fool and the princess of Goguryo. This story combines Koran traditional drumming instruments songs and dances to deliver a breathtaking performance.


The Road To Odessa
AUSTRALIA - Melbourne 

The Road to Odessa is about the time in my life I decided to stop aspiring to the pursuit of a meaningful relationship and start aspiring to the pursuit of a meaningful Ukrainian mail order bride-lationship. Its about exploitation, love and loneliness.


the system

The System explores the lives of three young prisoners who make a daring escape from prison and come face to face with yet another demon living life on the run - for as long as it takes.


The Three Little Pigs

The Three Little Pigs is a South African satirical production, looking at the state of corruption in the police force and justice system. Part Dexter, part Sopranos, part The Wire, it is a dark and delicious adult twist on the classic fairy tale.


The White Room

the white room is a solo performance by author and actress set in a multimedia interaction between live acts and videos by the artist of her characters leading to the main inspirational one Gelsomina (Giulietta Masina) from "La Strada" by F.Fellini.


This is Where We Live
UK - Bristol 

Two teenagers collide like a modern Orpheus and Eurydice in a dead end town in the middle of Australia. This US premiere of Vivienne Walshe's Griffin Award winning script is darkly funny and filled with a beat poet aesthetic.


Una Historia del Diablo
MEXICO - Mexico City 

Maria has feared the devil since she was a kid. Her sudden infatuation for who she thinks is her husband's lover takes her to a journey beyond her nightmares and reality, where it becomes more about the search of herself and the equation for freedom.


ITALY - Rome 

The story of an Italian immigrant in New York City looking for fame and fortune. He is rejected by everyone until he finds an American Vagabond playing music on the street. Together they climb the ladder of success to find what really matters in life.


Warrior and The Princess

Amid the chaos of World War 2, the chance meeting between a child refugee and a Japanese diplomat leads to a life line that saves thousands.  Based on a true story, THE WARRIOR AND THE PRINCESS combines performance, shadow play, puppetry, projection and live actors.


Xavier Toby - Mining My Own Business

What’s life really like on a mining site? Where everything’s huge, highly explosive or florescent right down to the socks, jocks and skid marks. It’s Australia’s Wild West. A stand up show adapted from comedian Xavier Toby’s debut non-fiction book.

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