After celebrating our 20th Annual festival, The Present Theatre Company decided to take a hiatus from producing The New York International Fringe Festival (FringeNYC) in 2017 in order to embark upon “The Blank Canvas Project” – a year of strategic planning. This yielded our new three year plan – which we call “FringeNYC 20/20”.

In 2018, FringeNYC will include a BYOV (“Bring Your Own Venue”) component in boroughs other than Manhattan, providing an open access opportunity for additional emerging artists to present their work under the auspices of FringeNYC. These venues can be run as adjudicated, curated, or first come first served / lottery or in whatever way the venues wish!  

Any Indie Performance Venue in any borough other than Manhattan is welcome to apply to participate in FringeNYC in October 2018 as a



If accepted, you will pay a $2500 marketing fee for UP TO 10 shows / 100 performances. This fee will be accepted in the form of a guarantee from box office income (so nothing is due up front and therefore cash flow isn’t an impediment to participating for the indie community). What you do is too hard – we hope to make it just a bit easier through this collaboration.

You provide:
RESOURCES (performance space, staff, marketing materials distribution) FOR UP TO 10 SHOWS / 100 TICKETED PERFORMANCES DURING OCTOBER. We strongly encourage you to present the work that most reflects your organization or venue’s aesthetic, so that together we can introduce the FringeNYC audience to your work and location.

GENERAL LIABILITY INSURANCE – naming The Present Theatre Company, Inc. as an additional insured. If you are running a year-round venue, you likely already have this policy in place.

You get:

ALL BOX OFFICE INCOME – ticket income will be paid out (minus the $2500 guaranteed marketing fee) to your ONE organization (and then you would pay your artists / shows their portion, if applicable).

YOU CAN CHARGE A PARTICIPATION FEE / BOX OFFICE SPLIT to the shows being performed at your space, if you wish. You could be producing your own curated shows, a mini-festival, the work of your ensemble, or a curated line-up of a particular genre. OR you could institute your own application process and adjudicate, choose shows by lottery, or be first come first served. You may pass along the $2500 FringeNYC marketing fee as a part of your participation fee / box office income split in order to cover your costs or you could be absorbing this cost as a part of your budgeted season of work.  

We provide:

TICKETING – We will do all ticketing for all shows in FringeNYC (be they part of the adjudicated festival in Manhattan or a part of a BYOV). Tickets are sold online or via mobile, and you (or your show’s representatives or volunteers) merely need to scan tickets at the door using an app that is available for iPhone or Android devices. This ensures all data is in one place for marketing use later (see below).

If you have October performance slots available, in the Spring, your contact information / website will be added to the list we send out to FringeNYC applicants who are declined or on the alternate list for the adjudicated festival in Manhattan.

Perhaps stating the obvious, but we’ll be printing the program guide including listings and images for all shows, and display advertising will be available for purchase, as well. Much more detail about marketing inclusion can be found here.

Our indie venue partners enjoy the same participation / share in the year-round marketing engine as do our Borough Hub Partners. Since all ticketing is done via our platform, we will be able to offer monthly targeted eblasts to patrons in your venue neighborhood, reminding them that you’re doing amazing work just around the corner from where they live and hang out. Let’s face it – indie needs this more than anyone and individually, this kind of marketing is out of our reach. Together, we got this.