Our Venue Directors are the key operational employees at FringeNYC (and are key to providing the kind of experience for our artists upon which we pride ourselves). Each Venue Director is in charge of a single FringeNYC venue (performance space) leading up to and during the festival; and is the primary liaison between the festival Participants, FringeNYC Staff and Venue Owners. They coordinate item sharing, storage, regulations and compliance with/between all Participants in their venue as well as answer any questions the Participants may have. They will oversee venue preps (load-in), technical rehearsals for each show, and strike. Leading up to the festival, we expect our Venue Directors to become intimately familiar with the FringeNYC participants manual and other provided resources; and to be responsive to all inquiries from their participants (primarily via an online platform). During the festival the Venue Director assumes the duties of a house manager and keeps the festival running on time and enforces FringeNYC policies with compassion. Venue Directing is very much a combination of Production/Theater Manager and Company Manager, and so will require a mixture of these administrative, technical and people skills. A basic knowledge of and experience with the technical aspects of theatre production is a strong plus. This is an opportunity for the serious theater professional interested in being a vital part of the indie theatre community while enhancing their network.


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Our Venue Directors are seasonal hourly employees, and are paid $13.20 / hour (including training and pre-festival work). Anticipated schedule / hours:

Pre-Festival Planning, Communications, Training | July – September

  • Approximately 8 required training sessions x 2 hrs each = 16 hours
  • Approx. 1 hr/day pre-festival work (on own time) x 60 days = 60 hours

Festival | October 

  • 1 wk of Venue Prep & Techs / 16 day festival / 2 days of strike = approx. 300 hours
    (Dates / schedule will vary greatly by venue)

Total Estimated Minimum Salary: $5,000.00

TO APPLY: Send your inquiry & resume to – Subject Line: Venue Director


FringeNYC seeks a squad of seven (7) technicians who have available hours in late September and during the month of October. Technicians consult on build-out of performance spaces, venue equipment rental, and problem solving in the context of an active festival of 80 – 100 shows and multiple simultaneous performances. Technicians provide their own equipment / tools, and sign up for their own shifts. Both daytime and nighttime shifts are available throughout the venue preps (load-in), festival, and strike. Shifts are flexible, and partial / shared shifts can be arranged among the squad members.

Ideal candidates are currently employed indie theatre / off-Broadway Tech Directors and Production Consultants looking to pick up some additional / side work, and even freelance Production Managers / Lighting Designers between gigs. Desirable skill-sets include Lighting / Electrics, Audio, and even some light carpentry / fix-it work.

Online distribution of venue materials takes place throughout the months of July and August as venues are confirmed. Work on site begins in late September, and the festival runs in October.

During the festival, technicians will register for their desired On-Call shifts. Once on site, technicians check in with the Operations Manager on duty, and are then dispatched to venues to solve any issue that has been reported by a Venue Director to the Operations Manager. Upon arrival at the venue, they will check in with the Venue Director who has reported the issue. All issues (with current status of the situation) and any equipment that needs to be replaced (including perishables) are then communicated to the Operations Manager on duly.


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FringeNYC Technicians are independent contractors / consultants each of whom are paid $17 / hour (including pre-festival work). Schedule / anticipated hours are difficult to predict, as each consultant will sign-up for the quantity and schedule of shifts they desire. One example scenario might include:

EXAMPLE: Pre-Festival (online) Schedule | September

  • Approximately 8 hours / week x 2 weeks prior to festival = 16 hours

EXAMPLE: Festival Schedule | October 

  • 1 wk of Venue Prep (Load-in) x 8 hours / day = 56 hours
  • 12 (of 16 possible) days x 6 hour / day =  72 hours
  • 1 day of strike x 8 hours = 8 hours

TOTAL HOURS (in the above example scenario) = 152

TOTAL CONTRACT (in the above example scenario) = $2584

TO APPLY: Send your inquiry & resume to – Subject Line: Technician