Have an adventure in an enchanted garden with the cast of A History of Servitude, enjoy an a capella pop adaptation of Euripides at the highest natural elevation in Central Park with Iphigenia, and follow the masked members of Poland’s Peregrinus as their mobile show pops up at locations all over Manhattan

A History of Servitude – FREE

Department of Fools
Writer: Department of Fools
Forget everything you know about history! The Department of Fools takes you on a wild and hilarious journey through past; setting the record straight. Enjoy the masked mayhem of Commedia dell’Arte! Come fool around with us!
1h, Manhattan, NY, Comedy, Clown/Masque
Location: 6 & B Community Garden @ The corner of 6th St. & Avenue B
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Iphigenia Among the Taurians – FREE

Everyday Inferno Theatre Company
Writer: Adapted from Euripides
Director: Anais Koivisto
In a foreign land, where strangers are executed on sight, a captive priestess dreams of revenge… But the Gods have other plans. Muscular, contemporary language and a-cappella pop music punctuate this electrifying tale of grief, redemption, and joy.
1h 30m Brooklyn, NY Drama, Comedy
Fri 12 @ 6:30;  Sat 13 @ 6:30;  Sun 14 @ 6:30;  Fri 19 @ 6:30;  Sat 20 @ 6:30;  Sun 21 @ 6:30
Location: Central Park – Summit Rock, West Side of the park @ 83rd Street
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Peregrinus – FREE

The KTO Theatre
Writer: Jerzy Zon
Director: Jerzy Zon
Choreographer: Eryk Makohon
The emotionally compelling performance, using striking masks, from one of Poland’s leading theatre companies. The peregrination in search of the meaning of life comes into view through everyday toil, deprived of spirituality, love and beauty.
50m, Krakow, POLAND Drama, Comedy

Location: Varies




Get teased for Free! Enjoy a song, scene, or snippet at FringeNYTEASERs to get a taste of of this years offerings. Stay tuned for locations, dates, and times!