FringeART: FringeNYC’s Visual Art Exploration!



FringeART presents a multimedia art exhibition at Cooper Square Gallery that is FREE to the public and features special events and a special beneficiary!

This year SUBMERGING is fundraising for F2L, an NYC based project fighting prison and police violence. We’ve teamed up with F2L to create a summer fundraising campaign, Freedom To Live!

F2L works to support queer and trans people of color in New York State whose lives are impacted by the prison-industrial complex. F2L is a volunteer run project primarily made up of queer and trans people of color in NYC that provides jail, court, media and housing aid to individuals targeted by the prison system, as well as to the communities who are supporting their cases.


Cooper Union

41 Cooper Square Gallery

Featuring works by Abdu Ali, AH-MER-AH-SU, Alli Logout, Andisa Montez, Ariel Jackson, Ashley Teamer, Ayqa Khan, David Antonio Cruz, DeVonn Francis, D0UZE, eduardo restrepo, Gabbah Baya, Isaac Kariuki, Isabel Alicia Baptista Gomez, Jay Boogie, Jon Cuba, Maja Griffin, Mister Wallace, Mohini Hewa, Oscar Ñn, Precolumbian, Quay Dash