FringeJR…it’s FringeNYC for the whole family!

These productions are specifically recommended for families and groups with children ages five (5) to twelve (12). $13 FringeJR tickets will be available to the youngsters for all FringeJR shows and may only be purchased in person: Either in advance (the day before the performance) at FringeCENTRAL (cash or credit card), or at the box office where the show is playing 15 minutes prior to curtain (credit card only).

The Commedia Rapunzel

The Spaghetti and Meatball Players
Writer: Sam LaFrage (Book and Lyrics)
Director: Sam LaFrage and Dennis Corsi
Choreographer: Sam LaFrage
Expect the unexpected as the Spaghetti and Meatball Players, a troupe of poor traveling “Italian” actors, present a zany musical romp through a twisted version of the fairytale “Rapunzel” done in the style of Commedia dell’ Arte!
1hr 20m, Harlem, NY, Comedy
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Haunted Holliot Hildorf Hotel and Shadow’s Unicycle

Jamey Hood and Open Hydrant Theater Company
Writer: Jamey Hood
Director: Sarah Rosenberg and Luis Cardenas
Eight-year-old Helen Ivy Bunter is a world renowned ghost hunter and Shadow is just your average tween ghoul who desperately needs chocolate. Two adventures! Featuring professional ghosts, a temperamental boiler and pajama-clad zombies. Theater for kids performed by kids!
1hr, Bronx, NY, Comedy
SAT 15 @ NOON; FRI 21 @ 7; THU 27 @ 2; SAT 29 @ 6; SUN 30 @ NOON

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Ideas, Not Theories

Ideas, Not Theories

Reynaliz Herrera
Writer: Music and Script by Reynaliz Herrera
Director: Reynaliz Herrera
This theatrical percussion show portrays quirky characters making music out of bicycles, water, tap and body percussion, marimbas and more. Innovative and dynamic original music intertwines with an imaginative storyline making this unique performance equally entertaining for adults and children.
45m, Boston, MA, Musical/Opera
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Writer: Rebecca Aparicio, Music and Lyrics by Stephen Anthony Elkins
Director: Rebecca Aparicio
Based on the real-life events of Operación Pedro Pan, a young boy named Pedro is sent alone to the U.S. to escape the dangers of 1962 Havana. Pedro must then navigate becoming an “American” without losing his cultural identity.
1hr, Queens, NY, Musical/Opera
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Rapunzel in the Wild West

Rapunzel in the Wild West

WhatFun! Theatre
Writer: Bobby Becher, Ashley Mills, Marc de la Concha, Ashley Whiting, Music and Lyrics by Bobby Becher and Ralph Krumins, add’l Music/Lyrics by Ashley Mills
Director: Ashley Mills, Music Director: Bobby Becher
Choreographer: Ashley Mills
The evil Bandit Queen is robbing every town in the West. Can Rapunzel and her famous hair-lasso save the day and prove she’s more than just a lady? Join this interactive melodrama, and help Rapunzel lasso the Bandit Queen!
50m, Manhattan, NY, Musical/Opera
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Little Did Productions
Writer: Little Did Productions, Music by Luke Santy
Director: Jessica Marie Lorence
Sun is missing. Only 11-year-old Solina can find Sun and save the world from eternal night. Solina ventures into an endless nightscape, where puppets made of light, cloth, and paper sing and play live music to illustrate this unfamiliar world.
1hr, Manhattan, NY, Puppetry
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Fort FringeJR – FREE!

FREE Fort FringeJR events are open to kids of all ages looking for an afternoon of crafts and fun! Come hang out with the characters from your favorite FringeJR shows and enjoy snippets from the shows, all while doing fun art projects!

Kick Off Event: FRI AUG 14 @ 5, VENUE #7: The Theater at the 14th Street Y

WED AUG 19 @ 3:30

Muhlenberg Library

THU AUG 20 @ 3:30

Jefferson Market Library

MON AUG 24 @ 3:30

Jefferson Market Library

TUE AUG 25 @ 3:30