Would you like the opportunity to become a Box Office Manager or a Venue Director? Well, here is your chance!

Come to FringeFAIR!

Sunday, May 15th
Noon to 5pm
85 Avenue A (between 5th and 6th Streets)

A few managerial and supervisory positions at FringeNYC receive a stipend. These positions require (at least) full-time commitment during the festival. Below is a list of sample stipended staff positions. If you are interested any applying for any of these positions or for a volunteer staff position, please bring a resume (if available) and come by the FringeFAIR on Sunday, May 15th – any time from Noon to 5pm.

What is FringeFAIR? FringeFAIR is a FringeNYC-specific job fair held annually. It is an opportunity to meet FringeNYC staff and discuss the positions that are available (see below for sample job descriptions). If you are unable to attend FringeFAIR, please send an e-mail (and resume if available) to STAFFING@FringeNYC.ORG.



We have two stipended positions which are available at each of our 20 venues and one at FringeCENTRAL. These positions are light very commitment from May through June, and then things pick up a bit, and then during FringeNYC, it is a “more-than-full-time FringeNYC is your life” kind of gig.

BOX OFFICE MANAGERS – SELL TICKETS AT ONE OF THE 20 VENUES! We have a regular box office staff person at each of our 20 venues. Selling tickets at FringeNYC is very simple. No experience is necessary, and long-time volunteers are encouraged to apply! Full-time Box Office Staff will attend a training session and receive a stipend of $500. We will need 20 Box Office Managers (one for each venue). The Box Office Managers will report to FringeCENTRAL each day of the festival to attend a daily roll-call meeting, and then head for their venue.

VENUE DIRECTORS – BE IN CHARGE OF ONE OF THE 20 VENUES! – We are also in the process of hiring Venue Directors for each of the 20 venues. A Venue Director is in charge of the theater they are assigned to, and the 10 to 12 shows / companies we program into that venue. The Venue Director becomes the liaison between the theater owner/manager and the participants. They are also they liaison between FringeNYC staff and the participants. The participants have many questions as the festival approaches and these will go through the venue director. Venue Directing is very much like Production Manager/Theater Manager and Company Manager. It’s an amazing experience for anyone wanting to learn different aspects of theater and wanting to make theater contacts. Venue Directors receive a stipend of $800.

FringeCENTRAL MANAGERS – SELL TICKETS AND SUPERVISE AT FringeCENTRAL! We need five FringeCENTRAL Managers to coordinate work schedules and make sure that there is always a Manager on duty at FringeCENTRAL, which is conveniently located and open from Noon to 8pm, every day from August 1st – 30th. Your responsibilities will include learning our ticket sales system, training volunteers, answering questions, and generally supervising the operation of our central box office, under the supervision of our overall FringeCENTRAL Manager. FringeCENTRAL Managers receive a stipend of $500.