While the New York International Fringe Festival (FringeNYC) celebrated our first twenty years in 2017, we also took a one-year hiatus from producing the usual festival. A lot had changed since we first envisioned the festival in the mid 90’s; so we started from a blank canvas: re-evaluating everything about what a fringe festival wants and needs to be in 2018 and beyond.

Feel free to peruse the Blank Canvas Blog at the link below, to view the research and results of the project.

As we launch into the resulting three year plan (FringeNYC 20/20) we’re looking back at our founding and history, too, in order to celebrate, honor and leverage what we’ve learned along the way. We appreciate your support as we took the time to be strategic about how to make the festival of the future as strong and sustainable as possible.  Click below to learn more about how we’re building the festival of the future.