Blank Canvas Blog

Welcome to the Blank Canvas Project Blog


The Blank Canvas Blog posts will fall into one or more categories:

WHO – FringeNYC is a community of artists, volunteers, audience and alumni. Posts under this category will discuss WHO these folks have been, are now, and will be as we build the FringeNYC of the future.

WHEN – For our first twenty years the festival has been an annual event held in August. Posts under this category will discuss WHEN the festival of the future should happen, as well as how often.

WHERE – We’ve been a downtown Manhattan festival since we were founded. Blog posts under the WHERE category will examine where the festival should be held.

HOW – There are many different methods of making a festival and many different ways of running an organization. We’ll explore different models in posts under the HOW category.

WHY – Posts under the WHY category will reflect our mission and motives for creating the festival, participating in the festival, and volunteering for the festival and why a fringe festival is important now and in the future.

And along the way, keep an eye out for specific challenges we’ve encountered in each area, as well as pros and cons for various ideas. We may even list specific resources we’d need to solve a particular issue. We’re committed to being as transparent as possible – and that includes asking for help where it’s needed. You’ll also see that we’ve created space for you to share your FringeNYC story as a part of our “Alumni & Anecdotes” posts; and we look forward to sharing memories from our first twenty years in the posts entitled “From the Archives”. All posts are created by our Producing Artistic Director unless otherwise indicated.