There are two different segments of The NEW York International Fringe Festival – FringeNYC and FringeBYOV.

FringeNYC is on hiatus and will return in October 2020.

FringeNYC takes place in Manhattan and uses a juried application process to ensure a festival of innovative, diverse, and vibrant emerging performance from around the world; leveraging our adjudication process as a useful tool to help build cultural equity and provide opportunities for under-represented voices.

FringeNYC utilizes converted spaces and pop-up venues, prioritizing partnering with venues located within a very small geographic area – centered around a FringeHUB, where AUDIENCE, ARTISTS, AMBASSADORS and ALUMNI can gather.

FringeNYC also includes FringeJR, FringeHIGH, and an annual Indie Convening.