Founding Members

who served as the benefit committee for FringeNYC 20/20: A Vaudeville
and will act as the steering committee as we build the association!


Maggie Cino
John Clancy
Arlene Hutton
Terry Jackson

Nancy Walsh
Krista Robbins
Tamara Rose
Britt Lafield & Shannon Hall
Kevin R. Free
John Peterson
Todd Robbins
Kevin Bartlett
Vincent Marano
Timothy & Susannah Nolan
Chris Harcum
Your Name Here
Martin Casella
Gersh Kunstman
Karen Rousso
Billy (The Mime)
Mary Theresa Archbold
Joseph Franchini
Jena Friedman
Ted Greenberg
Christian De Gré
Playlab NYC
Mary Dimino
34 West Theater Co.
Alison Lea Bender
Greg Foro

Naomi Grossman
Bruce A! Kraemer
Erik Altemus
Dave Quay
Howie Michael Smith
Pierre Epstein
David Carl
Pamela Grayson
Mary Spencer Knapp
Gianmarco Soresi
Harrison Chad
Quentin Mare
Dominique Salerno