Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What is the difference between FringeNYC and FringeBYOV?

FringeNYC is our adjudicated segment which takes place in Manhattan, and includes FringeJR, FringeHIGH, and the Indie Convening. All patrons of FringeNYC go directly to the FringeHUB with tickets in hand, to meet the Audience Ambassador, who will escort them to their venue. Ticket prices a standardized at FringeNYC – with the full price / general admission ticket being $22.

FringeBYOV is our “open access” segment which takes place in the outer boroughs, and this year includes FringeBKLYN (Brooklyn), FringeQNS (Queens) and FringeSI (Staten Island). Both year-round Indie Venues as well as pop-up / stand-alone alumni-produced venues are participating, and ticket prices / performance times / etc. vary among the independent productions.

Where can I get the Program Guide?

Program Guides are available at the FringeHUB beginning Friday, October 12th. You’re welcome to sit and peruse the guide, pick a show, purchase tickets on the spot via mobile phone or device, then line up at the flag!

But you can also download your own copy at this Program Guide download page:


The official program guide was distributed by Time Out New York with their October 3rd issue – in each of their bright red distribution boxes between 57th Street and Houston in Manhattan.


When do tickets go on sale?

Tickets are NOW ON SALE! Just go to the show listings page and choose your performance to purchase tickets online. Be sure to use the nifty “SHARE” button on your ticket confirmation page to let your Facebook friends know you’re going! Fringe is always more fun with friends.

What's the best way to purchase tickets?

Purchasing tickets online in advance is the ONLY way to buy tickets to The New York International Fringe Festival (FringeNYC + FringeBYOV). It’s the greenest, fastest, and most convenient way to Fringe!  You’ll receive your mobile ticket instantly and avoid the risk of the performance selling out (as they sometimes do).

For FringeNYC (Manhattan) – Be sure to line up at least 15 minutes before the performance at the Ticketholder flag outside the FringeHUB (685 Washington Street @ Charles) with your mobile or printed ticket ready to be scanned. DO NOT BE LATE – as you MUST be accompanied by the audience ambassador for admittance to the venue.

For FringeBYOV (Outer Boroughs) – Go directly to the venue with your mobile or printed ticket ready to be scanned.

More hints are available on our HOW TO FringeNYC and How to FringeBYOV pages.

When can I find out performance schedules?

Performance schedules will be available starting in August in various formats on the SHOW LISTINGS page.

What's the cheapest way to buy tickets?

For individuals, our passes are the cheapest way to buy tickets. Our “Hard Hatter” VIPs make a contribution of $500 or more, and receive a VIP Pass which can be redeemed for a pair of tickets to any show in the festival, throughout the festival.

Alternatives are the FIVER (which is $105 ($21 / ticket for five single tickets)), the FIVER PAIRS (which is $210 ($21 / ticket for 2 tickets to the same performances)), and the FLEX is $180 ($18 / ticket for ten single tickets)! These passes may be purchased online, and your redemption code will be emailed to you within 48 hours. PLEASE NOTE: The FIVER, FIVER PAIRS and FLEX pass may only be redeemed during the month of September. They are significantly discounted tickets because they are being used early, before the festival begins and the buzz starts. So it is best to purchase your pass as early as possible, in order to use your redemption code and redeem your pass online.

For groups of people attending the same performance, group sales rate tickets are also a bargain, and you can learn more here.

Where can I purchase tickets using cash?

Due to the inherent expenses of dealing with cash, tickets to the New York International Fringe Festival (FringeNYC + FringeBYOV) are only available to be purchased online.


What are this year's FringeNYC venues?

As a part of our new FringeNYC model – rather than going directly to the venue, ALL ticket holders will meet up at the FringeHUB (685 Washington Street at Charles) and line up at the appropriately colored flag. There you and your fellow audience members will be met by an Audience Ambassador, who’ll escort you to the venue and scan your tickets. Keep in mind, our new venues are pop-up, conveted, and unusual spaces – many of which cannot be accessed (or potentially even located!) without an Audience Ambassador. Therefore, you will NOT be admitted to the venue (or building housing the venue) unescorted.

Following the show, the Audience Ambassador will return you to the FringeHUB to meet up with the artists, grab a snack, or line up at your next flag. ALL of the venues are within a few blocks of the FringeHUB. For those with mobility issues or accessibility questions & issues – please email for additional specifics.

Why does FringeNYC have a strict latecomer policy?

There are many reasons for the no latecomer policy, but your safety is our primary concern. CLICK HERE for more information about the no late seating policy.

Where can I find the FringeHUB and what are its hours?

The FringeHUB is at 685 Washington Street (at the Corner of Charles Street, in the West Village of Manhattan). The FringeHUB is open to the public from 2pm to 10pm on weekdays, and Noon to 10pm on weekends. Learn more about the FringeHUB here.

If I don't know the venue where the show is playing, how do I know where to park?

ALL FringeNYC performances are within a few blocks of The FringeHUB is at 685 Washington Street (at the Corner of Charles Street, in the West Village of Manhattan). So you will want to park near / take the subway to The FringeHUB. You can see a map of the venues here.

Are group tickets available?

Yes! For FringeNYC, $18 tickets for groups of 10 or more and $16 tickets for groups of 20 or more are available online at the Show Listings pages. Just click on the performance you’d like to attend, and purchase the appropriate group rate tickets.

Are kids tickets available?

FringeNYC has a $16 ticket for youngsters 12 and under attending one of our FringeJR performances. These tickets are available online by clicking on the performance you’d like to see. FringeJR tickets cannot be used by patrons over 12.

Are senior tickets available?

Yes! FringeNYC has $16 senior tickets, which are available online. Senior tickets cannot be used by patrons under 65.


Are all of the FringeNYC venues accessible?

Unfortunately, no, we were not able to accomplish that this year. Two of our venues are only accessible via stairs – they are the venues housing the shows at the Purple Flag and the White Flag. Those who may have difficulty with several flights of stairs should not purchase tickets for shows tagged with Purple Flag or White Flag.

What if I cannot easily move from FringeHUB to the Venue with the Audience Ambassador?

If lining up at the flag at the FringeHUB in order to be escorted to the venue by an Audience Ambassador will be a challenge, we are happy to provide you with a list of venue addresses (with flag colors) upon request. This will allow you and the rest of your party to meet the rest of your audience group AT the venue, outside, in order to be admitted. In order to obtain the list of venues and addresses, please send an email to requesting it and we will reply with the list attached. PLEASE NOTE: The venues with PURPLE and WHITE flag line up listed are NOT accessible (as they require several flights of stairs in order to access the venue).


What are this year's FringeBYOV venues?

FringeBYOV takes place in the outer boroughs, and in our inaugural year we have both Indie Venues and “stand-alone” alumni venues in Brooklyn and Queens (as well as a podcast play for the Staten Island Ferry)! You can find more information about FringeBKLYN (Brooklyn), FringeQNS (Queens), and FringeSI (Staten Island) by visiting their individual pages OR search by “Borough” using the Slice-O-Matic on the show listings pages.

How much are FringeBYOV tickets?

FringeBYOV is our “open access” segment – with independent productions taking place in year-round existing Indie Venue or in pop-up / stand-alone locations where our FringeNYC alumni are producing the work. As with all “open access” festivals (including the original – Edinburgh Festival Fringe) ticket prices vary among the productions. You can find more information about FringeBKLYN (Brooklyn), FringeQNS (Queens), and FringeSI (Staten Island) by visiting their individual pages OR search by “Borough” using the Slice-O-Matic on the show listings pages.


Can I volunteer with FringeNYC?

YES! Our incredible volunteers are the lifeblood of FringeNYC, and there’s always a space for someone looking to get involved. For the festival itself, each performance at FringeNYC needs one Audience Ambassador to escort the audience to their venue, see the show with them, then bring them back to the FringeHUB. It’s easy, and a great way to see free show! CLICK HERE for more information about our volunteer opportunities.

Can I audition for one of the FringeNYC Shows?

Each participating individual or company produces their own show performed at FringeNYC. Therefore, there are no general auditions for performers at FringeNYC. Companies selected to participate in FringeNYC often place casting notices in trade publications such as Backstage in July, August, and September preceding the festival. We no longer maintain a headshot and résumé file at The Present Company, since so much of that information is now available online.

I’d like to perform my show at FringeNYC, how can I apply?

FringeNYC is an adjudicated festival, with applications becoming available in January. You can view the prior General Application at the link below, and do make sure to click the “sign up to be notified” button and we’ll send you an email when next year’s applications launch.

General Application Information


What was the "Blank Canvas Project"?

While the New York International Fringe Festival (FringeNYC) celebrated our first twenty years in 2017, we also took a one-year hiatus from producing the usual festival. A lot had changed since we first envisioned the festival in the mid 90’s; so we started from a blank canvas: re-evaluating everything about what a fringe festival wants and needs to be in 2018 and beyond.

Feel free to peruse the Blank Canvas Blog to view the research and results of the project. As we launch into the resulting three year plan (FringeNYC 20/20) we’re looking back at our founding and history, too, in order to celebrate, honor and leverage what we’ve learned along the way. We appreciate your support as we took the time to be strategic about how to make the festival of the future as strong and sustainable as possible.

What is the three year plan / FringeNYC 20/20?

The outcome of our Blank Canvas Project was a 3 year strategic plan we call FringeNYC 20/20. You can read all about the plan by clicking here.

Why did you move the festival from August to October?

You can read about our decision to move the festival to October by clicking here.

Why do you no longer sell tickets at the door?

We determined that someone selling tickets at the door would need to be an employee. With the minimum wage moving to $15/hour in NYC within a couple of years (which is great!), even our smaller festival (ten venues, rather than twenty) we would need to have much more expensive tickets in order to pay an employee for each venue minimum wage (much less if you factor in the overtime for our festival).

Additionally, in our Blank Canvas year we discovered that the majority of our box office managers’ time was actually being spent providing the required complimentary tickets for industry, AEA members to AEA showcase productions, and for those redeeming volunteer vouchers. In order to provide a box office manager at each of our ten venues* to process these complimentary (free) tickets, we would be spending a minimum of $150 / hour (plus employment expenses, management expenses, etc) for each hour of the festival. Our take from a $22 General Admission ticket is $9.

Add to that the fact that our volunteers made it clear in our conversations that they’d much prefer to see the show that they were volunteering for, rather than getting a “space available” voucher. So we were able to overhaul our model to allow for volunteers to sign up to serve as the Audience Ambassador for the shows they want to see. Since they are not required to sell tickets – it can remain a volunteer job! And our volunteer Audience Ambassador program is now “work a shift / see THAT show”. We’ve saved one seat for a lovely volunteer Audience Ambassador at each performance. They’re keeping your ticket prices (and our artist’s fees) low. To learn more about how to volunteer click here!

*Note: Space available AEA and Participant Rate tickets are still available! Just see the ONE box office manager / concierge on duty at the nearby FringeHUB, beginning a half hour prior to the performance. Come early for free events and to get a beer or a glass of wine!

Why did you move to a Hub and Spoke / FringeHUB Model?

Following our Blank Canvas project year, we developed our new “Hub and Spoke” model (i.e. having all of our audiences meet at ONE FringeHUB location to be taken to their venue) for several reasons:

It allows us to use non-traditional / converted / pop-up performance spaces – In some cases, our audience might not even be able to FIND these venues, if they were to try to go there directly. In other cases, the only reason we are being allowed to utilize the space as a performance venue for FringeNYC is because we have promised that our audience won’t be crawling all over the building  – amidst people’s homes, a school, busy offices, and other multi-use spaces – but rather will be escorted directly into the performance space by an Audience Ambassador volunteer.

Avoiding content issues – similarly, an adult-themed play or musical can perform at a space utilized at other times by the younger set and/or sensitive clients / customers, because their marketing materials don’t mention / won’t be on display at the venue.

No Association / Assumptions / Pre-conceptions – we’ve removed the association from the equation! Our artists don’t decide which venues to present their shows in as a part of FringeNYC (that’s FringeBYOV). So we’d prefer our audience wasn’t deciding which shows to see based on a venue’s usual work / season / etc.

It allow us to only need ONE box office manager (employee) at a time – to handle ALL space available tickets for all venues. Similarly, our technicians do not spend the majority of their time in transit between venues – but rather solving technical issues.

It helps make it “feel” like a festival – Our Blank Canvas convenings revealed that our audience wanted the festival (despite the challenges that NYC presents in doing so. . .  ) to be more of an experience. We’re able to do this by having everyone gather in one location and having our venues be within a smaller geographic “footprint”.

Our audience loves to meet the artists – You told us that’s what makes FringeNYC special! And similarly, we love seeing you and our artists want to meet you and get respectful feedback on their work – preferably over a beer. That’s why we created the FringeHUB concept. But with the price of available, ground-floor retail space – we can definitely only have ONE of these locations.

We’re moving to a model of ONE mutual prop / scenic storage area for all shows and perhaps even one mutual dressing room. This will only be possible if we’re in one very small area – but these are challenges we’ve always dealt with, and we had to find a way to solve it for our artists.

We just want to tell our stories! – we’re not really about fancy theatres or production elements, and that’s not what our audience likes, either. We’re all here to support emerging artists and hopefully help them start careers in NYC by welcoming them to the indie community. You, too, can help amplify their voices. And also hang out and talk with them over a beer after the performance – which is an important part of the NEW York International Fringe Festival!